using a 3d scannerUsing a 3D scanner may not be as tough as you may think, especially with the advent of new portable scanners that we now offer. Through many years of research and innovation, 3D Digital Corp has developed the Optix line of scanners that is perfect for literally dozens of different industries including automotive, education, medical, aerospace and more. You will quickly learn that using a 3D scanner for your business will be more cost effective than you could have imagined. Thanks to advancements over the years and the availability of smaller parts it is now possible to take your 3D scanning devices on the road with you or to your client’s location with ease. Setup and tear down take literally a few minutes thanks to the portable form factor and connection to the software is as simple as plugging a cable into your personal computer.

One of the best things about the products we provide at 3D Digital Corp is that they can be used in many different industries around the world. We see many companies and universities using a 3D scanner for wide ranges of things such as manufacturing and education. The medical field also uses these portable 3D scanners to create digital scans of certain body parts or even an entire body scan for the purposes of diagnosing issues that may be happening. Since 3D scanning usage is on the rise we figured it was time to start offering guides on using a 3D scanner and also lowering our prices so that even the small business owners can afford one of these devices.

We offer a live demo that will show you how using a 3D scanner is much easier than you thought. Get in touch with us today to schedule one of these demos so you can decide to purchase a 3D Digital Corp Optix scanner today!