Technology is changing rapidly and many industries are taking giant leaps and bounds not only to move ahead of their competitors but also to improve and enhance their customers experience and the medical field is just one these industries.

Using 3D Scanners in The Medical FieldDentists have been using 3D scanners in the medical field for some time. Now 3D scanners are being used more frequently and for various other uses. We offer many different product options and our products come with 3D software that allows for easy upload of the scan(s) and quick and easy analyzing.

Using 3D scanners in the medical field is enhancing the medical teams ability to improve wound care and diagnosis’ to assist in pinpoint accuracy. Our products are extremely accurate and are within microns of accuracy. We provide the critical and detailed information that the medical team needs.

Medical Usage for 3D Scanners Are Vast

In addition to accuracy, our scanner is the only in the world that uses a green laser which provides better accuracy and much less noise. Using 3D scanners in the medical field also provides the opportunity for Orthosis/Prosthesis fitting as well as Aesthetics Prosthesis. When using for Orthosis/Prosthesis Fitting, we provide the scans for custom and comfortable manufacturing and best of all, no plaster is involved. No plaster means that there will not be a need for a cast to store as all 3D scans are saved and archived.

When using 3D scanners in the medical field, the possibilities are endless. Aesthetics Prosthesis has allowed for 3D scanning of a sane body part, “mirrored files” (which is the creation of a prosthesis) and also breast implants.

Along with our vast and various uses, we also assist in the development of accessories and customization so that the 3D scanner is used at its full potential. We have developed rollers, robot arms and more to assist our clients in their various industries to ensure that their 3D scanners ability is fully optimized.

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