Future 3d laser scanner3D laser scanners are an incredible tool that have come a long way since their invention. They have provided invaluable accuracy and benefit to the engineering, armed forces and entertainment industries. As technology continues to move forward there is a lurking question on what the next advancement is going to be with 3D laser scanners.

With the ability to recreate almost any object with precise accuracy many people wonder what the next advancement will be with the 3D laser scanner. Most engineers believe that the next advancement that will be the most notable and groundbreaking will be the ability to recognize live features and recreate and scan 3 dimensional movements. This is a little hard to grasp and is going to take some amazing computing technology, but engineers are already working to make this a reality.

Comparison of Next Breakthrough

In order to make it simple to understand lets use a comparison to demonstrate what this next advancement will be like. In photography we deal with 2 dimensional pictures. With a 3D laser scanner you can take a 3 dimensional picture of an object. When you watch a movie you watch it in 2D, the next advancement in 3D laser scanners would be comparable to making a movie with a 3D camera. This is extremely difficult to do and takes amazing amounts of technology to achieve.

Recently researchers in California used the super computer Dawn to simulate the cortex function of the brain. The test resulted in achieving results that were about 1/80th that of what the human brain processes. In order to make this next leap in technology test like this and similar studies will be needed to recreate what we see as humans. This is an extremely interesting topic and one that will bring much attention as results are achieved.