3d-laser-scanerOver the past decade the 3D scanner has come a long way. One of the major improvements to the 3D scanner is the ability to be portable. What used to take up an entire room and was completely stationary can now be carried with you in a briefcase. The advancement is very similar to the computer industry where what used to take an entire building to house now can fit in a laptop computer. Most people remember math class and the story of the calculator and how the first calculator took up an entire room but now that same technology fits in the smallest spaces and in the early 90’s was popular to have on your watch.

The 3D Scanner Need to be Portable

With the need to be portable an ever increasing need and demand in multiple industries, at 3D Digital Corp. we have developed not only the best portable 3D scanner and custom software but we have the best price to value comparison in the industry. You will not find another portable 3D scanner that will outperform our escan optix 400 scanner at a lower price. We recognize the demand and have met the need of our consumers. With clients like Proctor and Gamble and the US Navy our 3D scanners have been tested in multiple situations and performed to the highest level.

As we continue to develop the current technology the ability to take a 3d scan on the go will become easier and more doable. We are looking forward to the future and are excited with what we have accomplished and what we are developing.