The Military AFSOC Unit is using 3D Digital Corp’s American-made SAS Optics Scanner to revitalize old parts

Recently, 3D Digital Corp had the opportunity to visit the Hurlburt Field Eglin Air Force Base in Florida where a particular command group specializes in giving parts a second life. The Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) Unit diligently scans old or broken parts, giving them an overhaul then reuses the part without having to throw it away. They play a crucial role in upcycling, not only by saving those broken parts from going to the trash, but also by allowing them to upgrade or improve the functionality of the original part.

The utilization of 3D Digital Corp’s SAS Optics Scanner, coupled with the Air Force’s ability allows our scanner to provide this function of revamping old parts while simultaneously implanting a great deal of cost-savings. 3D Digital Corp was presented with this 105mm empty cannon shell as a kind recognition. A big thank you for presenting this kind-hearted gesture and we want to thank these soldiers for their service!

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