Scanner 3d imagesThe laser scanner 3D images that our scanners produce are impressive.  Each image is created using triangulation. Simply put, triangulation is when the machine collects data between the scanner lens, a laser, and the object that is being scanned for the 3D model. This data is then fed into the software and produces a digital model of the scanned object.  These digital models can then be used for a variety of purposes, including being used to reproduce replicas of the original model.

Our scanners are not “one size fits all.”  We expect our clients to come to us and tell us their needs.  That way we know which of our scanners will enable them to produce the most accurate scanner 3D images.  While each scanner is very versatile and can do many things, we don’t expect our customers to have only one choice from our products.  That is why we manufacture a selection of 3D scanners.  For example, each machine is better suited for different primary applications. 3D Digital Corp. has scanners that are for smaller objects, larger objects and everything in between.  Our highly-experienced customer service team can help you define which of our excellent scanners will help your company produce the most accurate laser scanner 3D images.

Scanner 3d Uses

Creating laser scanner 3D images can save so much time.  Instead of trying to take measurements by hand and relying on human accuracy (or inaccuracy!) to record dimensions and make drawings, companies can now use a 3D scanner to document what an object looks like and render it almost immediately on the computer using our scanning software. Our scanners scan objects in seconds and you can view your scanner 3D images in just a few minutes.  Obviously this method is a lot faster than others.  Saving time can also mean saving money. 

Providing affordable and high quality laser scanners is our specialty. Currently our scanners are helping companies in many different industries, not just manufacturing.  3D Digital Corp. has been helping industries like health care, entertainment, museums, and construction companies. If you think your company could benefit from one of our products, call us or send us an email, we’d love to help.