This device measures the 3-D shape of an object using a line LED projection pattern. It is used for a simple, yet accurate inspection of parts for an exact geometric shape. Simply place the object to be scanned on the SAS, a quick preview is captured, then click ‘Auto Scan.’ The rest is performed automatically. The number of scans taken is determined by the perplexity of the product. The greater the amount of detail, the more multiple rotation angles necessary to capture those fine details. Once scanning is complete, they’ll be compiled in the scan folder and are processed manually or by writing a script. The scans are then aligned to form a single fused image. Each color reflects a distinct scan taken. The final model is then exported into the inspection system for automatic inspection.

Our new blue line LED system is an intricate extension to our impeccable laser line. Lasers are great in various facets, but if you are needing precise detail our new LED is the way to go. It tends to be a little pricier but is worth the sizable enhanced resolution. Common uses for the LED system include the Aerospace and Automotive industries.

This new technology will be featured at The Quality Show in Rosemont, IL October 24-26th, 2017. Come check 3D Digital Corp at booth #517 and see this LED model along with other latest innovations. Click on the video below for a demonstration.


SAS Blue Line LED System

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