Portable 3D ScannersPortable 3D scanners are finally becoming cost effective for a small business to invest in. After the initial release of these devices it was a large burden for a small business to purchase such a device, but once they began to see the benefits it made much more sense. Now that the cost of 3D scanning devices has finally started to reduce in the last few years it is opening many more doors to other possibilities that may have simply not existed before. The medical field, education, automotive, and aerospace are some industries that have seen a drastic rise in productivity and innovation thanks to the daily use of portable 3D scanners. Thanks to companies like 3D Digital Corp and more, there are now many different scanner options to choose from in the industry.

Cost Effective Portable 3D Scanners For Sale

What makes 3D Digital Corp one of the top companies? There are many reasons that you can use to describe the answer to this question. One of those reasons is the fact that we have created out Optix line with various models of 3D scanners to cater toward specific businesses. Each industry will use a certain type of scanner with unique specifications to handle applications that are commonly performed in that industry with a portable 3D scanner. Another great reason why our scanners are used by so many universities and businesses around the world is that we have created them with portability in mind. You can actually take your scanner home or to your client’s location and it will move with you easily.

Since portable 3D scanners are easy to set up and tear down this reduces significant costs in the form of time spent and manpower on such tasks. At 3D Digital Corp we would be proud to show you a demo of one of our portable 3D scanners if you would like to schedule it.