Portable 3d scannerThere are hundreds of portable 3d scanner uses in just as many fields of interest. Usually the first field that comes up in the 3d scanner realm is manufacturing. Manufacturing is an easy field for 3d scanning because so there are so many applications in it. Having a digital model of a manufactured item makes it extremely easy to share that item’s specifications along many levels of the manufacturing process. Entertainment is another field that benefits from portable 3d scanner uses. It is extremely difficult to create a digital model entirely from scratch so often digital artists will create or use a physical model to scan in order to save time. These practical applications help to save both time and money in many different areas.

With a portable 3d scanner it is extremely easy to go anywhere to scan a necessary item, and the medical and forensics field can find dozens of portable 3d scanner uses. A dentist could use a portable 3d scanner for implants, prosthesis and even orthosis instead of tedious plaster casts without having their patient leave the chair. Forensic teams can bring a 3d scanner with them to the field to examine accident scenes and build digital models without destroying the original physical objects and then use those digital models to do their work more efficiently.

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