Portable 3D Laser ScannerUsing a portable 3D laser scanner for one of many different applications in your industry is no longer a high cost burden. What was the case a few years ago certainly is not today when it comes to the prices that a 3D scanning device is going for at the present time. The doors have been opened to virtually any industry to have the ability to scan things in 3D and have a digital copy available on their computer that can be edited and added to. One great thing about being able to own a portable 3D laser scanner is that these devices can be taken home at night or locked somewhere safe since they are easily movable.

Our Optix Is A Portable 3D Laser Scanner You Can Trust

Being able to move the 3D scanning device around is also a big plus since you can now visit your client’s location when a three dimensional digital scan is needed. Thanks to portable 3D laser scanner technology many industries are doing things they’ve never done before. In the automotive world, for instance, it is now much easier for your local classic muscle car restoration shop to utilize the power of a portable 3D scanner to create models for broken parts. These 3d scanners can either be sent to the fabrication plant or fabricated in house if the shop is equipped to do so. The benefits of a portable 3D laser scanner from 3D Digital Corp extends to both small businesses and educational purposes as well.

Many universities around the world rely on the Optix from 3D Digital Corp to perform many teaching methods that equip students with the needed skills to be an excellent worker in their chosen career. Beyond education the 3D scanning devices are being used in real world applications such as crucial medical procedures and aerospace functions. Try 3D Digital’s portable laser scanners today!