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Low Cost 3D Scanner Options With The Latest TechnologyWhen it comes to your three-dimensional scanner, no matter what business you are in, the latest technology is what will put your business over the top and pass along value added savings to your customers. All of our products are now smaller and easier to operate. They are also more efficient and export the high quality, precise image to CAD or CAM faster than ever before. You also now have the ability to save the image in just about any format you or your client prefers.

Our Low Cost 3D Scanners Are Used For Thousands of Applications

Additionally, our systems are now plug-and-play ready with a simple USB cord. There are also many other added features that come standard with our devices such as cutting edge optical and laser technology, unsurpassed accuracy and scan quality, ultra high resolution, interchangeable heads and more.

We also listen to you! We develop accessories to assist you in performance. From robotic arms to rail systems and rotary tables, we can completely outfit all of your needs to ensure that your use of our product will exceed your expectations. Our entire product line is affordable, easy to operate, and are loaded full of features. Whether you are in the medical field or aerospace, the product you need is on this site. We encourage you to browse this site to find the 3D scanner that meets and exceeds your needs and if you have questions, please call one our highly trained technical experts.

When shopping for three-dimensional scanning equipment, for the first time or if you are upgrading your current system, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Our low cost 3D scanner options with the latest technology provide you more solutions for your business and your customers. Call us today for a live demo!