Laser Scanners3D laser scanners use laser light and laser triangulation to create a 3D image of an object. People who are involved with engineering, creating, designing, producing, or experimenting with products can benefit from using 3D laser technology. At any time during the standard manufacturing process, laser scanners can be used to save companies time, product, and funds. There are many instances where designers will need models created in order to match an object’s certain physical attributes. When pieces need to have an exact fit with an existing object, 3D scanners are the perfect solution. This system of using an object and working backwards to create a design or model of it is known as reverse engineering.

Technology of Laser Scanners

Through laser triangulation, laser scanners calculate the exact shape and size of an object. Then by creating a point cloud on the object, the 3D laser scanner reconstructs the shape of the object. The colors of the object’s surface can even be determined if color data is also collected. 3D scanners function similar to the way cameras function. 3D scanners however, are able to calculate distance information relating to the object they are scanning. They then produce a high quality, 3D picture of the object.

Our 3D laser scanner is efficient and thorough. They will take multiple scans if necessary, in order to produce the most accurate and complete image of the subject. These scans are taken from different angles and directions; all to ensure total precision. Our 3D scanners don’t stop there. The information collected must then be aligned, converted, and merged to create a single, finalized replica. The use of 3D scanning helps to create higher quality and more precise parts and pieces for products. Our scanners make easy the entire process of going from an initial prototype to a complete end product.