laser 3d scanningLaser 3D scanning technology that is contained within each of our Optix scanners is great for both business users and personal alike. Since the advent of miniaturization of parts we have been able to come a long way when it comes to making powerful 3D scanning more portable than ever. Now even businesses with the tightest budgets can afford laser 3D scanning technology in their everyday business activities. Literally dozens of industries and academic institutions around the world have begun using our Optix portable 3D scanners in their daily operations. Due to the small form factor and portable nature you can easily set up and tear down your scanner when it’s taken to the job site in minutes. There’s no need to spend hours setting up your scenario because it simply no longer takes that long with our scanners.

Innovative Laser 3D Scanning Devices

Many high profile companies including car manufacturers, aerospace companies, and more trust in our scanners each day to get the job done right the first time. Laser 3D scanning technology is something that we love and it’s constantly being researched and improved. At 3D Digital Corp we appreciate the fact that our customers are some of the most dedicated at what they do, just like us. We are proud to supply universities with laser 3D scanning technology to use on projects that help students prepare for the future. The next generations of workers need to be aware of the current technology and use it regularly to stay fresh and new when it comes to laser 3D scanning.

Whether it is the automotive industry, aerospace, medical, or even education we have solutions to fit your needs. Contact us today to see a full demo of our Optix laser 3D scanning devices and decide for yourself if our portable 3D scanners are what is right for your business.