Laserscan(Aug. 3, 2011) Well-engineered parts and components are vital for any machine assembly and maintenance. In the world of rotary-wing aircraft, this is of absolute highest priority. Our company is currently working on special maintenance projects involving the Agusta Bell 2065 and the Boeing CH-47 series of helicopters. Each of these aircraft was developed in the mid-20th century and has proved both valuable and versatile. That is why they are both still around and needing replacement parts.

The purpose of the operation we conduct using a 3D laser scanner made by 3D Digital Corporation is to obtain, through the use of vintage sample parts, totally digital technical documentation of the component design. As noted, these helicopters have been around long enough that the format of their design documents are paper blueprints. 1283152ae1 (2)

In sequence, we follow this procedure: First we scan the physical piece supplied by the client. Using the SLIM software application, we clean up all excess points. Next will come triangular construction of the mesh and creation of a solid digital object. Once that’s accomplished, we focus on data entry, including material type, material tolerances and specifications, and the like. What the 3D laser scanning process then delivers for us the all-important CNC digital file from which the component can be generated in the modern way. The other important factor is that, once the product is produced and ready for testing, we are able to store all data in digital format for the next time this part is needed. The result is that we can economically and efficiently keep valuable aircraft flying and help ensure safety for their crews.