handheld 3d scanningHandheld 3D scanning devices that we sell are a great choice for every industry from aerospace to education. Even the medical and automotive fields regularly use 3D scanners for scanning body parts and creating digital images of parts that need fabricated right away. Thanks to the advances in science and technology that we have used lately in our line of Optix scanners we are passing those savings on to you in the form of price cuts and feature additions. Our team of professional 3D scanner engineers has what it takes to keep introducing the next generation of high end scanners at a price that even the small business owner can now afford. Check out our handheld 3D scanning offering today to learn more.

Advantages of Handheld 3D Scanning Devices

With the advent of product miniaturization there are many things we are now doing to help you, the customer, improve your 3D scanning experience. Live demos are offered if you would like to experience the handheld 3D scanning device that you would like to purchase before you actually buy it. We will gladly help you choose the handheld scanner that works best for your business model by close communication with you personally. We offer several different solutions and would like for you to choose the correct one that works best for your business. Our Optix line of handheld 3D scanning devices is great for everything from medical, consumer products, aerospace, automotive, educational and more.

Don’t forget to contact us to schedule a live demo of our one of handheld 3D scanners. A representative from 3D Digital Corp will personally guide you to the best choice for your business and you will be able to choose the type of scanner based on your needs. Trust only us for the best scanners of the three dimensional type in the entire industry.