handheld 3d scanning deviceThanks to a handheld 3D scanning device your business can have the tools needed to raise leaps and bounds above the competition. If you are in one of the following industries you will see advantages in using handheld 3D scanning devices: educational, medical, automotive, aerospace, consumer products, and more! There are literally dozens of industries that 3D Digital Corp has personally seen take advantage of the benefits that our new Optix like of handheld 3D scanners offers to your business. Two of the main reasons to use our products are the low price tag and the great customer service. You will get a top of the line device with the most powerful industry specifications for a price that is a fraction of many other handheld 3D scanning device manufacturers.

Optix Handheld 3D Scanning Device

Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we offer and how we can help turn your business around. Scanning items in three dimensions are a great help since there are many things you can do to manipulate and change an object or body part once it is scanned into your personal computer. Our handheld 3D scanning device line, Optix, has several different models that are all geared towards a specific set of industries which they perform at their peak in. Discovering which 3d scanning device is for you is as easy as navigating to our products page and checking out the numerous products that are offered for sale.

We will gladly assist you with and handheld 3D scanning device requests that you may have. Do not forget to contact us for a live demo so that you can experience the Optix scanner you’re interested in before purchasing. It’s a great way to see exactly what your handheld 3D scanner can do before you actually bite the bullet and spend the money on the device, although it is more than worth it in the long run!