Recently, I purchased a used 3D Digital Escan Laser 3D Scanner from a popular auction website. To my surprise, it did not come with software and there was no way to find out if the scanner worked. I asked the seller for the software, which he promised to send, but never did. Because of their policy, the auction website, payment system and their insurance claim department would not help me to get a refund. It seems that I was stuck with a useless scanner and no software to run it.

I finally contacted 3D Digital Corp and explained my situation. By that point, I was expecting to pay a large sum for support and for the software, as anyone would expect trying to obtain specific software for a used piece of high-end equipment. To my surprise I received a call directly from the company President, who was concerned about what had happened. Over the next several days, he made a series of personal calls to me to make sure he understood what exactly had happened, and assured me he would do all he could to try to and find the necessary archived files needed since this was an older scanner.

He also made me aware that because it was a used scanner he could not guarantee anything and 3D Digital Corp would not be liable which was fully expected in this situation. To be honest I thought this purchase was going to be an expensive mistake on my part. To my surprise though, several days later I was sent the working software I needed and I now have a scanner that operates perfectly! This Escan is one generation old and still gives better results then competitor scanners that I have used!

I wish to thank everyone at 3D Digital Corp for the help and understanding to make a bad situation turn out great. All of you went above and beyond what I expected! Thanks again!