Fabricating parts with your 3D scanner has never been easier. In many ways, the task being accomplished is really like reverse engineering. Whether the part is for jewelry, automotive or an actual body part (Orthosis/Prosthesis), we make fabricating parts with your 3D scanner user friendly and provided pinpoint accuracy.

Fabricating Parts With Your 3D ScannerWe offer a wide array of products that will outperform your expectations and deliver an accurate and easy to view 3D image that will allow you to fabricate the part you are making. Depending on the part you are fabricating, we have the product to match and exceed your needs.

Our specialized design for optics will allow pure scan accuracy. When you are fabricating parts, every element of accuracy is crucial. Our 3D scanners are within microns of accuracy to ensure you are re-creating the part so well that you may even create it better than the original! In addition to scan accuracy, we offer ultra high resolution. What this means is that when you are fabricating parts with your 3D scanner, you will be able to see every element of that part without second guessing what you are seeing.

Using A 3D Scanner to Fabricate Your Parts

Now, we realize that there are times that your 3D scanner must become portable for a project that you are working on. Along with our custom accessories to enhance your 3D scanner, we also offer a battery pack that will allow you to take your 3D scanner virtually anywhere. This kind of freedom will allow you the versatility to take your business and imagination just about anywhere.

When you couple your 3D scanner with eScan, you are ensuring that the image for the fabrication of your part is guaranteed. eScan is USB plug & play reverse engineering. eScan imports directly in to CAD or CAM programs and allows for exporting in various file formats including .stl, .obj, .ascii and others. The images produced are effective and are visible quickly. Additionally, eScan is a complete 3D scan software package.

We offer live product demonstrations and our representatives are our leading experts. Regardless of your questions or product need, give us a call or fill out a form online and we will contact you.