eScan3D Digital Corp’s eScan is all about ease of use, speed, flexibility, and portability. This device offers accurate measurements at an amazingly affordable price. The eScan laser scanner is reliable, simple to use, versatile, and works under all lighting conditions. It weighs just 3.5 pounds and comes with a tripod that is mountable and easy to move. Best of all, the eScan is portable, so you can take it to the object instead of having to bring the object to the scanner. The eScanner uses a laser line that moves across the object using a rotating mirror. The exact 3D cloud point is determined from triangulating the laser, the angle of the laser line, and the distance between the CCD lens. The eScanner is extremely fast; it takes just 7 seconds. It can be used at any angle and in any environment; indoors or outdoors. 3D Digital Corp’s eScan is uniquely designed to have the capability to scan objects large and small. Additionally, it does not require the placement of markers to be able to merge a scan.

eScan Durability and Usability

The eScanner connects to any computer via USB. It is designed to run on any Windows operating system. The eScan device comes with merging and aligning software that uses common feature recognition to align and merge scans. Thus, as long as there is overlapping and common features between two scans, the software will automatic align the images. The collected data can be used with any CAD or CAM programs. It is compatible with Solidworks and other solid modeling programs.

One of the greatest benefits of 3D Digital Corp’s eScan is that there is no training necessary to be able to use our product. If you have never used a scanning device before, you will have no trouble using the eScan. Our software is designed with plug and play technology, which means that once installed, you can begin scanning. Plus, we provide easy to understand manuals and videos, as well as phone tech support from highly trained operators.