Acr147319180510722968213 Acr14731918051072-3247215Chabot Community College (CCC) in Hayward, California was looking for a vendor to supply professional 3D laser scanning systems for their engineering classrooms to bring greater opportunity for hands-on learning with industry standard equipment and to better prepare their students for their fields.

Acr147319180510722090821“We are greatful to 3DD for providing such an exceptional product and for the thorough training session and continued support,” remarked Ashley Long, instructor at CCC. “The EScan works great and we found many applications for it in our courses.”

So far students at Chabot have used the EScan to make vise soft jaws and for reverse engineering. A recent project asked the students to design and tool a new part for an existing mill in their workshop. The new part would replace an existing hand crank in order to make the mill easier to use.Acr147319180510721528025

Ashley Long believes, “The equipment and support from 3DD has enhanced our engineering classroom experience.”