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the leader in 3D scanning technology, has pioneered a reverse-engineering solution that’s affordable and complete. It’s called EScan, and we designed it based on field research and extensive customer feedback. Our customers let us know they needed a total solutions package—not just a scanning device. With EScan we’ve delivered it.


  •  Reverse engineering at an affordable price
  • Imports directly into popular CAD and CAM programs
  • Exports .stl, .obj, .ascii and other file formats
  • Produces 3D scanner images quickly and effectively
  • Complete 3D scanner software solution
  • USB Plug & Play

EScan 2.0 –  3D Scanning Made Simple



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EScan 2.0 (1 megapixel)


EScan 2.0 (2 megapixels)



Enhanced EScan Model Specification

1280 x 1920 Sensor (2 MP)

StandBAseTBL Extended BAseTBL


Standard Base

Extended Base


0.001 inch
(28 microns )
0.0025 inch
(50 microns )


[email protected] 7″
(30microns @ 170mm)
0.003 @ 18″
(70 [email protected])


4″ – 8″
(100mm – 200mm)
12″ – 26″
(300mm – 650mm)


6″ x 4″
(150mm x 100mm)
12″ x 10″
(300mm x 250mm)


4.33″ (110mm) 9″ (228mm)


1920 points per line 1920 points per line
Sensor Resolution 1 x 2 000 000 1 x 2 000 000


9″ x 8″ x 4″ (WxDxH)
(225 x200 x100 mm)
9″ x 8″ x 4″(WxDxH)
Export Formats STL
Weight 5.3 lbs
(2.4 kg)
5.3 lbs
(2.4 kg)

Escan Model Specification

1280 x 960 Sensor (1 MP)

StandBAseTBL Extended BAseTBL


Standard Base

Extended Base


0.002 inch
(50 microns )
0.004 inch
(90 microns )


[email protected] 7″
(60microns @ 170mm)
0.005 @ 18″
(120 microns
@ 450mm)


4″ – 8″
(100mm – 200mm)
12″ – 26″


6″ x 4″
(150mm x 100mm)
12″ x 10″


4.33″ (110mm) 9″ (228mm)


960 points per line 960 points
per line
Sensor Resolution 1 x 1 000 000 1 x 1 000 000


9″ x 8″ x 4″(WxDxH)
(225 x200 x100 mm)
9″ x 8″ x 4″(WxDxH)
Export Formats STL
Weight 5.3 lbs
(2.4 kg)
5.3 lbs
(2.4 kg)


Enhanced Escan

The Escan Standard Base and Escan Extended Base models can be upgraded to Enhanced Escan. Enhanced Escan provides the high resolution option, which allows you to increase the maximum points per line from 980 to 1920. This reduces the amount of approximation in the scanned data, allowing for more detail to be captured.  This upgrade to an Enhanced Escan model includes an advanced lens and higher density CCD array. The advanced lens option will minimize the amount of “noise” in the data, greatly reducing deviation and allowing for cleaner scans.

Rotary Table Option

The Escan Enhanced Standard Base and Enhance Extended Base models can be upgraded by adding a 2-axis rotary table with full automation. The Rotary Table gives you maximum control over your scans by precisely adjusting the object in relation to the scanner. The Rotary Table feature has both manual and fully automatic scan modes. This is a must-have feature when scanning small, detailed objects such as dental scans, ear molds, rocks, and tool & die.

Options FAQ

Q: Why should I upgrade to Enhanced Escan?

A: Enhanced Escan more than doubles the resolution by using a 2 Mp sensor instead of a 1 Mp sensor. It also comes with better optical lens with improved characteristics, including lower distortion that produces cleaner data. It is the only laser scanner in the industry with 2 MP sensor for the price, and is the result of 15 years of R&D from 3D Digital Corp to perfect the product in terms of accuracy and speed.

Q: What are the configurations when I have an Enhanced Escan?

A: There are 2 configurations in Enhanced Escan:  Standard base and Extended base.

Q: What is the difference between Standard Base and Extended Base?

A: Standard Base has a smaller parallax base hence giving a better data for shorter ranges, and maximizes the effectiveness of the sensor by focusing on a shorter Z distance for giving better accuracy and detail.  The Extended Base is used for medium and large objects by using a larger parallax base which gives us the ability to calibrate the scanner for longer ranges.

Q: Do I need rotary table with Enhanced Escan?

A: Depending on the application, a rotary table does make sense, but is not compulsory. The advantage of the rotary is to have automatic alignment, especially as the 3D Digital Escan product comes with fully automated 2-axis rotary table.

Q: Can I customize a enhanced Escan?

A: Yes, depending on your application, the Enhanced Escan can be customized for particular range in X, Y , Z or we could also build a specific scanner just to meet your application’s requirement.

Q: Can I OEM the product?

A: Yes. Please contact us so that we can discuss your application and build you the scanner for your application.


Q:  Are these prices worldwide? 

No, these prices are available only in the USA.

Q:  Is this a new model for Escan? 

Yes, this is the Second Generation Escan.  We have sold thousands of the first generation version. We have taken advantage of new computer technologies to gain processing speed, data transfer speed to make our Escan even better than the previous models.

There are two base models instead of just one.  (Standard and Extended Base)

Q. What is included with the scanner?

Included with the scanner is software for controlling of scanner , 3D viewer, scaling, color and visual features, basic measuring, inspection, and editing tools, as well as multiple file type output. We also include the power and USB cables and a 1 year limited warranty.  It comes with a hard plastic case., the software for alignment of multiple scans and post processing Of the scanned data is provided with a dongle license for a additional cost $795.

Q. Where is the EScan used?

The Escan is used for reverse engineering, a few industries that use our product are: rapid prototyping, inspection, design, medical fields, footwear and orthotics, and other scanning applications.

Q. What file formats does it produce?

Point clouds such as ASCII, and triangulated point clouds such as OBJ, STL, VRML, etc. The software also allows you to export IGES files to other software including Rhino.

Q. What can you do with the 3D data?

The data can be used by any CAD and CAM programs for direct milling, editing, and other functions typically performed by these types of software.

Q. How long does it take to scan?

The scan takes a very short time, but depending on the resolution and detail needed.  Some applications can take longer.

Q. How do you scan objects larger than scan area?

The merging and aligning software that comes with the scanner uses common features for   recognition to align and merge scans.

This means that as long as there is overlap and common features amongst two scans, the software has the capability of automatic alignment.

If there is not enough crossover or common features between the scans then markers are used on the scanned object to help the software to align and merge scans.

Q. How portable is the EScan?

The EScan weighs about 3.5 lbs and is plug-and-play operable with any Windows platform. It can be used at any angle and in any typical environment whether that is outdoors or indoors. It is tripod mountable and easy to relocate and move.

Q. Who purchases the EScan?

The EScan is purchased by those who need an affordable solution or large volumes of scanners at an affordable price. It is for people who want the speed, flexibility, and portability of a high end scanner system.

Q. How does it capture 3D data?

The scanner uses a laser line that is swept across the object using a rotating mirror. The laser light is acquired through the CCD lens. Knowing both the angle of the laser line and the distance between CCD lens and laser through triangulation we know each of the precise points in the 3D point cloud.

Q. Do I need training?

Our system is set up so that after you have installed the software and set up the scanner, you can begin scanning. We do however provide manuals and videos to help the user learn and become familiar with the scanning process. However, if support is needed the highly trained engineering staff is available. If a customer wishes to be trained in using the scanner, we provide on-line training at a reasonable price.

Q. Is it compatible with Solidworks and other solid modeling programs?

Yes. The EScan can save multiple file formats and therefore can be used with a multitude of solid modeling programs.

Q. Does it work with both 110 and 220 voltages without the need for a converter?

Yes. The power pack can work with both 110 volts and 220 volts without a problem.

Q. Can the scanner scan shiny, or dark objects?

Yes. However, to get a more accurate scan we recommend that you coat the object in a chalk powder, or anything to reduce the reflectivity of the object.

Q.What operating systems does the scanner require?


The scanner can work on Windows  XP Professional,  Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1.  With this new version, we highly recommend Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Professional 64-bit

Q. How do I install  my scanner drivers in Win 8/8.1?

Please download the document from the link and follow the directions https://www.hightail.com/download/bXBhL0dDZ2dnYVBMbjhUQw

Q. Do I need to install the redistributable for my Scanner to work in Win 8/8.1?

Yes .  Please download the Appropriate  redistributable by clicking the links below depending upon 32 bit or 64 bit version of  Escan installer.

https://www.hightail.com/download/ZUcxanZ2YWJlM1IzZU5Vag—-64 Bit

https://www.hightail.com/download/ZUcxanZ2YWJGR0dLRmNUQw—32 Bit

Q. How does the scanner connect to the computer system?

The scanner connects via a USB cable.

Q.What are the computer system requirements?

Processor: Any 4 core or better processor( i7 8 core would be best) More cores would make the processing faster.

Processor Frequency: 2.3 GHz or Higher

Memory: 8GB (16GB recommended)

Hard Drive: 500GB of FREE space; we recommend that this be a dedicated computer for this purpose with no other daily use installed.

Operating system: win7 64 bit or win 8 ( win 7 64 bit preferred )

Q. What is your warranty policy and what does that include?

We offer a one-year warranty. This includes re-calibration and repair. We do offer extended warranty options. For more information on our warranty policy please contact us at [email protected]

Q. Do you have special bulk pricing?

Yes. Please contact [email protected] or for more information.

Q. What Options are available?


1. The Standard Base and Extended Base model can be upgraded to the Enhanced model. This means higher resolution with lower noise and better quality of scanned data

2. Either Enhanced model can be upgraded with a 2-axis rotary table, which is fully automated.

Q. What is the purpose of options

Better resolution, better accuracy per scan, and flexibility of 2-axis rotary table for further automation.

Q. How do I upgrade my Escan

3D Digital has a trade-in policy for upgrading your Escan to higher resolution models and new scanners that will become available in the future.

Q. What do I gain from a 2-Axis Rotary table

A 2-axes rotary table provides access to hidden areas of the object scanned.

Q. How do I get better resolution with an Escan

If the correct Escan scanner has been selected for the scanning distance and object size, larger details can be attained by upgrading your Standard or Extended  scanner into the Enhanced Escan model.

Q. Are there any customized options

The Escan is selected to fit your application through the 4 main models. When your scanner is manufactured, it is set up and calibrated to best fit your  application(s).  The options include Standard, Extended for larger objects, Enhanced for higher resolution scans. A Rotary table option is available.

Q. What does the rotary table do for my application

A rotary table helps you to automate your process. This will make a scans of various objects to be more consistent, with a greater degree of success.

Q. What does the better lens do for my application

When you select your Escan, standard or extended model, you would select the Enhanced option to gain a higher quality lens and higher resolution CCD array. This gives you better scans.  This may not be necessary to your specific application. Be sure to discuss this with us at the time of your purchase.

Q. Will I be able to scan all of my parts with the rotary table

Of course, this depends on your application and variety of parts. Parts of a similar size and dimension might all scan correctly with the same scanning procedure.

Q. Can I calibrate the scanner for a particular distance and use it for another distance.

When you scan at a different distance, the accuracy will diminish. You can gain acceptable scans if your application does not require the high resolution standards for which it was calibrated. In some cases a larger object is simply scanned at the same distance, with a few extra scans to cover the entire object.

Q. What is the difference between the Escan EB* and Escan SB*

Escan Standard Base is designed to specific shorter distance scanning for smaller objects.  The Escan Extended Base scanner is used for larger objects. The distance between the laser source and lens is wider on the Extended Base version.

Q. How do I select the Escan EB* or Escan SB* for my application

It is important to identify your application completely, size of objects so that the correct scanner, scanning distance and other parameters can be determined to meet the needs of that application.

(Standard base vs Extended base)

Q.  How many configurations of Escan

Four. The Escan Standard Base can be built with the Enhanced options.  The Escan Extended Base can be built with the Enhanced options for larger objects.

Q:  When I buy an Escan, what is included in the Maintenance, Support and Warranty? 


When you buy an Escan, the Warranty includes hardware Maintenance & online training and email support for the first year can be bought for additional cost of 795 USD. Many of our Resellers and OEM Dealers provide the training and support. Repair of a new Escan during this Warranty period is managed through your Reseller by 3DD Corp.

Q:  How do I replace my software when I must install my Escan on a different computer?

An Escan comes with the RealScan and Slim software to scan, align and merge your scans on a USB Drive. If at any time the original software is lost(USB Drive), a replacement software dongle costs $590 for the scanner control software and $1000 for the alignment and merge software(Slim).

Q:  How long do we support a scanner after it is obsolete?

3DD Corp continues to support the Escan product after it is no longer manufactured for customers that are under Warrantee or have Maintenance Contract. When an Escan product is still under a warranty or maintenance contract, it can be used in an upgrade program to get it upgraded.

Q:  What If the Escan Warranty has expired ?

A Maintenance and Support contract can be purchased , please contact [email protected] for pricing.

Eventually, parts will be no longer available for an obsolete Escan model. This issue is completely out of the control of 3DD Corp. The best opportunity is for an Escan customer to upgrade their obsolete model with a newer version of Escan while the offer is available.

Escan EB* and Escan SB*

Enhanced Escan EB* and Enhanced Escan SB*

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