Desktop 3D ScanningWith advancements in the world of technology there are many great things that are created for businesses to make things easier each day. One of these advancements would be the desktop 3D scanning devices which give a business the ability to scan an object into a 3D digital model wherever they are. These 3D scanners are small enough to carry to your client’s location, move around inside your shop, or even take home at night. With the move to a smaller sized device it is important to note that personal users have begun to purchase these devices as well. In the past it was only businesses who could afford a 3D scanning device in their budget. Today even startups with relatively low capital and personal users are buying a desktop 3D scanning device for use in all sorts of applications.

Choose Our Desktop 3D Scanning Devices

There are numerous industries in which desktop 3D scanning is of great use. Some of these industries include automotive, medical, and aerospace. These are some of the most popular applications of our handheld 3D scanning devices but we have seen several others types of businesses and concepts which are using our Optix and Escan devices to increase productivity. We have several different Optix scanners to choose from; all of them have certain specifications that are roughly tuned for different industries. Of course each individual application you use one of our desktop 3d scanning boxes for might call for different settings; you can get a pretty good idea by visiting the respective product pages for our Optix scanners.

Here are 3D Digital Corp we pride ourselves on customer service and keeping our clients in the know about the latest technology. We are also here to help you make a decision based on the actual use of our products. We would be glad to schedule a desktop 3D scanning demo for you so you can see how our products can work for you business.