AuSIS Shop Inspector

Shop-Inspector-Image-1The AuSIS™ Shop – Inspector™ has a USB 2.0 plug and play functionality that is paired with a Windows 7, 8, and 10 platforms to ensure speed and accuracy. Pair this with the AuSIS™ Shop – Inspector’s™ laptop portability and this scanner is not only easy to use, but it also is extremely powerful.


Shop-Inspector-Image-2Using the latest innovations in 3D scanning technology, the AuSIS™ Shop – Inspector™ has a state of the art 7-axis rotary stage, making this 3D laser scanner platform specifically designed with your needs in mind. The AuSIS™ Shop – Inspector™ will provide you with the tools you need to exceed your workload goals with features like the motorized rack mounted scanner.

Shop-Inspector-Image-3Our software also comes with an outstanding package of tools that will allow you to process your 3D digital data quickly, easily and accurately. You can now easily automate your entire inspection process with the 3D scanner.

The AuSIS™ Shop – Inspector™ is offered in both the Escan Model and the 500 (5mp) series.


The newest member of the 3D Digital family is the AuSIS™ Shop – Inspector™, which stands for Automated Scanning Inspection Systems. The first scanner in this line of three items, this scanner will allow you to simultaneously be scanning, comparing and reporting at virtually the touch of a button. With abilities like that, this 3D digital scanner will help you reduce time and save money.