AuSIS Robot Inspector

Slide3-e1441728469770 Our revolutionary scanning technology combined with the robot inspector has a 7-axis rotary stage with unparalleled precision. The AuSIS™ Robot Inspector™ will provide you with the tools you need to process your scans accurately and with time to spare. The power of our scanning technology will save you time and effort. After calibration, each scan is processed and stitched together automatically.

Untitled4The AuSIS™ Robot Inspector can be paired with Windows 7, 8, and 10 via USB 2.0, giving you plug and play functionality. Having the power of the Robot Inspector at your fingertips will allow you to tackle larger projects, and the time saved will allow you to turn a better profit.

Untitled2Our software also comes with an outstanding package of tools that will allow you to process your 3D digital data quickly, easily and accurately. You can now easily automate your entire inspection process with the 3D scanner.


The AuSIS™ Robot – Inspector™ gives you the flexibility of scanning medium sized objects. AuSIS stands for Automated Scanning Inspection Systems. The second scanner in the AuSIS line of scanners, this inspector will scan, stitch together, and show the results of your scan in near-real time. The versatility of this system will allow you to process your scans faster and with more accuracy than ever before.