AuSIS Multiple Scanner

With the AuSIS Multiple Scanner, the possibilities of objects you can scan and projects you can take on grow exponentially. This scanner is definitely not a one size fits all; it is built specifically for you. Our experts will walk through your process and needs, then we’ll build an absolutely customized product to make sure you can get the scans you need.

Shop-Inspector-Image-1Combined with our AuSIS scanning technology, the Multiple Scanner will give you speed and volume, without sacrificing quality in the least. Your custom setup will be able to stitch together your scans into complete 3D models ready for processing and editing.
Shop-Inspector-Image-3Our software also comes with an outstanding package of tools that will allow you to process your 3D digital data quickly, easily and accurately. You can now easily automate your entire inspection process with the 3D scanner.


The largest and most versatile member of the AuSIS™ family of 3D Digital scanners is the AuSIS™ Multiple Scanner. The multiple scanner gets its name from the fact that it uses many scanners together to be able to scan larger objects faster and more accurately. This system is a unique tool that will give you the versatility you need. We are the only company in the world that works with you to make sure you have the perfect scanning solution to fit your needs.