Dear 3D Digital,

I just wanted to say how pleased and impressed I have been with the Escan . As an artist and designer, I have often needed a simple and cost-effective way of capturing 3D data for use in presentations and proposals, and for capturing models that I could then scale up and cut out on our CNC machine as sculptural pieces. Using a bureau service was both costly and time consuming, and like most designers I tend to constantly re-work ideas until I am happy with the end result which you just cannot do with a bureau as time costs (lots of) money. When I found the Escan on the web, I couldnt believe that such a reasonably priced scanner could actually capture the kind of data I needed, and I must admit to being a bit dubious at first. After talking to the tech guys at 3D and seeing samples, I became pretty sure it would do the job. Initially, I have to admit, the interface was a bit daunting, but within a few days I became used to the way the machine and software worked and the way in which you have to approach the scanning of an object. Like anything it requires a bit of practise, but is well worth it. The first job paid for the scanner, and it has now become an essential part of the design tools we use on a daily basis, and has opened up a new range of services we can offer. Well done for coming up with a great product that really does work. I always look forward to using the scanner, as there is definitely a sense of magic when you capture an object and open it up in a 3D program. Thanks very much, for the Escan and the great tech support. Its not often you get the boss of a company phoning you up to make sure you are happy with the product what can I say?

Sebastien Boyesen


Boyesen Design Partnership