Medical Care


The medical industry is constantly changing. Luckily here at 3D Digital Corp we have the perfect solution to offer a wide range of possibilities in the medical care industry. Our Optix scanners  and Escan scanners open up many doors to create an easier way to simplify many processes that are used to keep patients comfortable and provide top notch medical care.


Orthosis/Prosthesis Fitting
  • Scanning of body parts for custom and comfortable orthosis/prosthesis manufacturing (no plaster involved)
  • Data transfer to computer-assisted design (CAD) applications for design, measurement, rectification, retrofit, and production
  • 3D Archiving (no more casts to store in warehouse)


Wound Care
  • Color(9mega PIX) and texture scanning of wound for follow-up on healing


Aesthetics Prosthesis
  • 3D scanning of a sane remaining body part
  • Data processing of a 3D scan file to generate “mirrored file” used in the creation of a prosthesis showing the exact patient’s body characteristics
  • Breast implants


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