3D Digital Corp’s Optix  and economically viable Escan scanners are the perfect solution to provide students and universities with another avenue to explore the world. Our 3D optix scanners have been used in numerous universities all across the world and help students succeed in their academic goals to create a bright future for them personally and the world as a whole.

Art Schools
  • 3D scanning (color or not) of 3D artwork
  • Post-processing of files artwork rescaling or rapid prototyping
  • 3D archiving (virtual portfolios, etc.)
Architecture/Design Schools
  • Scale-ups/downs of architectural models through 3D scanning
  • 3D archiving of architectural models
  • Restorations of existing buildings according to original plans
  • Building impairment assessment
Engineering Schools
  • 3D scanning teaching and training tools (design, analysis and inspection applications)
  • Easily carried to classrooms, workshops and between buildings
  • Research assistance tool for students and faculty

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