Optix scanners from 3D Digital Corp are currently being used to preserve and archive many architectural pieces from museums and even used in archaeology. The introduction of portable 3D scanners has allowed for these devices to be used in the field where they previously could not be used. This has opened up another wide range of applications for portable 3D scanning devices from 3D Digital Corp to be used.

  • 2D Drawing
  • 3D Modeling
  • Reverse engineering of existing buildings for machining purposes (ex.: scale models, reproduction)
  • Scale-ups/downs of architectural models
  • 3D archiving of architectural models
  • Restorations of existing buildings according to original plans
  • Building impairment assessment
  • Scale up/down of artwork and sculptures for rapid prototyping and mass production of detailed and accurate replicas

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Virtual Museums
  • Representation of art pieces for multimedia presentations
  • 3D scanning for virtual museums online or on-site
Conservation, restoration and digital archiving
  • Non contact 3D scanning of artworks, museum exhibits and existing buildings in order to create 3D files
  • 3D files post-treatment
  • Reverse engineering/repairs based on remains
  • Virtual restoration
  • On-site, non contact color 3D scanning of fossils/artefacts for reconstitution and reconstruction purposes
  • 3D reproduction of archaeological/historical sites