About Us

3D Digital Corp. is a US-based manufacturer of non-contact laser scanners founded in 1995 . Supplying companies large and small in a broad array of applications, 3D Digital has been a leading provider of lightweight, USB 3D laser scanners that are affordable and easy to use. Customization and personal service set 3D Digital apart, inspiring loyalty and unmatched word-of-mouth support. The company now has over 1,000 scanner installations worldwide, over half of them customized to fit the user’s unique needs. 3D Digital products are in use at Daimler Chysler, General Motors, Toyota, International Trucks, US NAVY, Sandia Lab, Johnson&Johnson, USAF and the US Army. The size of your investment in 3D Digital scanning doesn’t matter. The sophisticated technology developed for Fortune 500 clients is built into 3D Digital’s popular off-the-shelf products for customers new to 3D scanning and working with limited budgets. Engineering innovation and a skill for anticipating customer needs is the 3D Digital edge. Its product line has advanced through three distinct generations of scanner technology—no other brand can match that pace of advancement. Receiving custom modifications to its original order, a 3DD customer knows there will be no problems going forward as its scanning needs evolve—the company will be ready with the upgrades and modifications necessary. kight-center With its eScan 2.0 line of point-and-shoot 3D scanners, 3D Digital redefined the entry level of the market. Acclaimed for its ease of setup and use, eScan is a high-performance product that is meeting the needs of new adapters to three-dimensional scanning. The high-resolution Optix 500S model, with an accuracy of +/- 8 microns, is specially designed for the inspection, manufacturing, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and medical/dental markets. For a medium range needs, 3DD offers the Optix 400M. It is ideal for digitizing medium to large parts such as dies and molds. The Optix 500L was built for scanning large objects at long distances; perfect for the automotive industry where engineers want fast and accurate scans of car interiors and body panels in the design process.


  • 1998     3D Digital Corporation is established.

  • 2000     3D Digital launches RealScanUSB Laser   Scanner.

  • 2003     3D Digital Launches Optix 400 Series Scanners.

  • 2004     Optix 400 offered with Color Camera Option

  • 2004     Automatic Registration System is developed for Optix 400 Series.

  • 2005     3D Digital introduces the Rotary Table Solution

  • 2006     Single Axis Linear Rail system development  completed.

  • 2007     EScan is launched as a cost effective solution to scanning

  • 2008     Optix Interchangeable Head Design is  Launched

  • 2009     Optix  Product with Green laser , the only company to produce this.

  • 2010     Multi Axis Fully automatic scanning.

  • 2011     3D Digital Corp. is proud to be recognized by the Kight Center as a member of its public-private                     partnership for technology advancements.

  •            2013     Second generation Escan 2.0 started shipping
  •            2014     Optix 500 system started shipping . Also introducing fully Automatic inspection system.
  •            2015     Building up sales channel in education and industry .
  •            2016      AUSIS (automated scanning and inspection system) introduced  shopinspecto for shop floor.
  •            2017      Introducing the LED line sensor for optix 500  series.