3D Digital Corporation has set out to change the way scanning is achieved. The company, a US-based manufacturer and marketer of non-contact laser scanners, was established in the mid-1990’s by Satish Mysore, who has many years of experience in the laser-scanning field. Today, 3D Digital Corporation is the innovative leader in the manufacture of lightweight, USB 3D laser scanners that are affordable and easy to use. 3D Digital Corporation has a full line of accurate and reliable point-and-shoot scanners but most importantly, the company manufactures a superior product at a realistic price.

3D Digital Corporation offers the Optix 400 series laser scanner, the newest generation of laser scanners offering a high performance solution for many digitizing applications. Having a full line of products 3DD has the ability to meet each market’s requirements, customer needs and convenience.

The high-resolution Optix 400S model, with an accuracy of +/- 15 microns, is specially designed for the inspection, manufacturing, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and medical/dental markets. For a medium range needs, 3DD offers the Optix 400M. It is ideal for digitizing medium to large parts such as dies and molds. The Optix 400L was built for scanning large objects at long distances; perfect for the automotive industry where engineers want fast and accurate scans of car interiors and body panels in the design process. To add extra flexibility to the model lineup, the Optix 400H was added to provide higher resolution scans at a farther standoff distance. This model serves as a solution between the 400S and the 400M. The company also designs and produces custom scanners for client’s special requirements. For example, after assessing the needs of the US Army 3D Digital designed and built a custom system by combining two scanners into one at a very affordable price.

In a class of their own, 3D Digital Corporation’s award-winning scanners are broadly used in diverse arenas due to their high technological quality, easy to use software, excellence of service and incomparable price. 3D Digital Corporation has one of the most lightweight and portable scanners on the market, four different models with specifications to meet almost any customer need at an affordable price. It is simple to use with very quick scanning time (10,000 points/sec), and its USB connector allows the scanner to be connected to any laptop or desktop computer. The aligning/merging software is also fast and easy to use and allows users to create 3D models in minutes. FootJoy, a leading manufacturer of golf shoes, commented with surprise: “3D Digital Corporation’s scanner became the heart of our Laser (shoe) Fitting technology for many reasons; its design was tremendously flexible in terms of object size, color, texture, distance, and ambient lighting conditions. It was very easy to set up and interface with our application software. It also had very rapid scan rates; it did not require additional moving parts to scan a large area. Additionally, the product quality and support was superb”.

3D Digital Corporation’s scanners are being used at companies such as Daimler Chrysler, General Motors, Toyota, International Trucks, Titleist and FootJoy Worldwide, Sandia Labs, Johnson Controls, Johnson&Johnson and the US Army. 3D Digital Corporation prides itself on its responsiveness to its customers and distributors both domestically and overseas. Because it is a privately owned, service-oriented company, it can respond personally and quickly to urgent customer and distributor needs and concerns. The applications for its products continue to grow, as does the company’s commitment to providing the most current state-of-the-art laser scanner technology – customized to the industry user’s needs.