3D Digital Corp manufactures 3D Scanners for Reverse Engineering, Inspection, Medical, Aircraft, Automotive, Multimedia and a number of other applications. Through it’s history, 3D Digital has sold its products through resellers, with some direct sales. It has used this network of Professionals to provide their knowledge to provide the best solution for the customer’s intended solution. By providing this knowledge with the product, the success of the installation is much higher. 3D scanning can be complex; and knowledge and support is vital.

3D Digital Corp has opened a new office in Hong Kong in association with one of its long time partners.  The new division is known as 3DD Corp (HK). This new office will greatly enhance 3D Digital Corp’s position throughout Asia with closer support and a less complicated acquisition process by having this Hong Kong division. A local service center will also become possible.

Globally, the new developing countries, including China, are becoming a more significant economic influence to the worldwide market.

Nevertheless, this entry into the market must develop a future by using the most advanced technologies.

3D scanners are sold mainly for the educational as well as for marketing purposes for these enterprises.

With a large number of scanners that are now based in Asia, we can better provide better support and maintenance of those and future scanners.


  1. The number of designs that require a 3D Scanner is still a very low number.
  2. The use of the standalone scanner is not difficult, but the solution is complex.

The new 3DD Corp partnership in Hong Kong will be responsible for general marketing, aimed at driving the distribution channels and distributors in this market.

Our new headquarters is located in Hong Kong with the advantage of free trade zone with plans for additional offices and staff in the two main industrial zones Guangdong and Shanghai.

3DD Corp (HK)
Website:  www.3ddcorp.com.hk
[email protected]
Telephone: 852 8108 6675