Class Room TeachersHillsborough Community College (HCC) was looking for a vendor to supply professional 3D laser scanning systems for their electronics engineering classrooms to bring greater opportunity for hands-on learning with industry standard equipment to better prepare their students for their fields.

Focusing on three factors; technology, pricing and support HCC compared the industry leaders in the 3D laser scanning market and 3DD emerged as the obvious partner. “None of the competition compared to the quality, support, training and reputation that we found in 3DD’s products,” said electronics engineering program manager Tracy Barnes.

HCC will be using the 3DD scanning systems in a variety of teaching scenarios – from introducing new students to 3D scanning to the more complex projects of advanced students like designing and developing circuit boards and their enclosures.

Rishie Rambarack, HCC’s electronics lab assistant remarked, “The electronics engineering department at the college is excited to have the 500 Series lasers from 3D Digital Corp enhance the learning environment for our students.”Ausis 3d Scanner