Our Houston-based company operates in a wide array of industrial markets, from aerospace to automotive to utilities, to name a few. We provide in-stock products and materials as well as customized material procurement and inventory management.

We are very entrepreneurial. We pride ourselves on moving aggressively when we sense opportunity. At times that means expanding into markets that we have no experience in.

Recently we were in that position. We were accepting some jobs not knowing if we would actually be able to accomplish what we were promising.

One problem we often face is having to handle products that the customer has no drawings for. The customer is frustrated by this and it also causes problems for us in trying to service their needs. In one particular case, the customer we were taking on wanted to move valuable used parts and components on wooden pallets and possibly store them for a lengthy period. They insisted that the entire components be protected from contact with the pallets or any other firm or abrasive surface.

To protect these parts properly required foam linings that fit each component snugly. As we were trying to create these linings, we received a suggestion about 3D scanning as best-practices way to do it. We were unaware of 3D scanning as a technology but we contacted 3D Digital in Connecticut and ordered an EScan unit. Immediately we saw how valuable the technology could be to a diverse group of customers who are unable to obtain drawings for parts and components they need to pack, ship and maintain.

We found the Escan to be an excellent tool for our business, but even more valuable to us was the service and support we received from the staff at 3D Digital. We were in a position where we had to put the scanner to immediate use and cut our raw foam to precise measurements. We had contracts pending, so there was no time for extensive training.

In some of other jobs we were suddenly able to quickly take scans of products and parts and create much-needed drawings. That way, we could provide the high level of service we had contracted to provide.

In all honesty, we never imagined how great the support, time and patience given to us by 3D Digital could be. Without that backup we could not have accomplished our goals and satisfied our customers’ needs.

Now that we have this technology, and our own people have had such a positive experience with it, we are able to move forward in expanding even further into new markets.

Gustavo Garza, Jr.

Regional Sales Manager

AIS, Inc.