3d scanner multiple uses3D Scanners have proven their usefulness and value in many industries and as more industries begin to use 3D scanners, more uses for these amazing machines are being found each day. At 3D Digital Corp we pride ourselves in being on the leading edge of the industry and we show this through our products. We not only offer the highest quality 3D scanners but we also offer the most affordable portable 3D scanner in the industry. If you are looking for any type of 3D scanner we have one that will meet your needs. We have built custom 3D scanners for multiple companies, some of them include the US Navy, Proctor and Gamble, Westinghouse and Amway.

One of the industries that is pushing the capabilities of 3D scanners is the movie and entertainment industry. With recent blockbuster hits like Avatar using 3D scanning technology to create life-like special effects we are seeing the demand for 3d scanning products on the rise. As movie producers continue to push what is possible with technology we continue to meet their demands with innovative products and software.

Core Competency of 3D Scanners

While many industries are just beginning to use 3D scanners there is one industry that was the first to use a 3D scanner and why the technology was developed, the engineering industry. With manufacturing and engineering still creating the highest demand for 3d scanning products and software it is no wonder that the technology was first developed for the engineering and armed forces. With the capability to reverse engineer any object in almost any situation 3D scanners have made things possible that before were thought impossible. The portable 3D scanner has allowed this technology to not only be precise but mobile and flexible. With many engineering jobs requiring on site service the portable 3D scanner has allowed precise accuracy without an enormous price tag

As the industry continues to advance you can be sure that 3D Digital Corp. will be on the leading forefront with our products and technology. 3D scanners and software is what we specialize in, both for large and small companies alike.