3d-scanners6: 3d scanners have been used in video games for years. This is done to more capture motion better for more realistic models and playing. Motion capture in sports games is one of the most common uses of 3d scanners in video games.

5: 3d scanners assisted in the renovation of several important historical statues in Italy. A team from Stanford scanned Michaelangelo’s statues, and the data gleaned was extremely important in these statues renovations. The David was the most notable statue scanned.

4: It is much easier to scan a real world object than to build the model from scratch. Making a model more lifelike without data to compare it to is extremely difficult. A 3d scanner can make this process go much faster.

3: There are several different forms of 3d scanners. Some use triangulation, others use lasers. All function in the same basic format though; by storing points along the surface of the object as data sets. The only thing that differs is how those data points are made.

2: 3d scanners make computer generated images much more real and lifelike. You have probably seen poorly done CGI, and this is probably due to the fact that these images were created from scratch. With data from real world objects, the 3d model looks much more lifelike. One of the most popular recent films that have used 3d scanners to create CGI is Avatar.

1: The average price of 3d scanners is decreasing, while the quality of the scanner itself is increasing. As this technology becomes more commonplace this trend will continue. Expect to see more affordable and sophisticated versions of the 3d scanner in the near future. As with any new technology, continued innovation will make it a part of lives more and more every day.