We are a boat trailer manufacturing company based in west coast of Florida; we have been in business of over 20 yrs. The boat manufacturers do not supply us with drawings most of the time and we had to spend days measuring the dimensions by hand, however about a year ago I started looking for 3d scanning devices to help us reduce our time. During my research we contacted a lot of companies which either had very expensive solutions or had scanners that did not work, finally we found your company 3D Digital Corp (Escan3d). At first my team and I were skeptical about your product as it was inexpensive and were in doubt whether it would meets our needs. To our pleasant surprise the product not only performed all the things we needed but also the learning curve was short. Finally, I would like to Thank Satish and his staff for providing excellent support.

Best Regards And best of Luck
Brooks More COO
MTT Inc.