3d scanner software3d scanner software is necessary to create useful 3D models from the raw data that is collected by the scanner. 3D scanners create large volumes of data that must be analyzed before a 3D image can be viewed. Higher quality scanner software packages are tuned to handle more or larger datasets and to minimize the amount of user interaction that is required. At 3D Digital Corp. we carry some of the higher-end software packages. These software providers include SLIM (3D-shape GmbH)®, RapidForm (INUS)®, PolyWorks (InnovMetric)®, and Geomegic Studio (Raindrop)®.

At 3d Digital Corp. we specialize in designing custom 3d scanners for your specific needs. We are the industry leader in building lightweight, USB 3D scanners that are affordable and easy to use. We carry a full line of accurate and reliable point-and-shoot scanners so we’re sure you will be able to find the right 3d scanner for your needs. And we’ll make sure that the 3D scanner software that you choose is properly installed on your scanner and ready for use.

Software for Custom 3d Scanner

Our custom 3D scanners are widely used in many industries. For example, the medical industry uses 3D scanners to take 3D images of tumors and organs during surgery and in making prosthetics. Artists and museums use 3D scanners for replication and archiving of valuable artifacts and artwork. Because of our award-winning 3D scanners we include in our clientele customers such as the U.S. Department of Defense; forensic departments; podiatrists; animation studios; medical and dental offices; museums; electronics manufacturers automotive, aerospace and research universities; and more.

Information on 3d Scanner Sofware

For more information about the 3D scanners and the 3D scanner software that we carry, contact us by email or telephone. If you would like to see our products in action, contact us and we will set up a personal demonstration with one of our representatives.

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