We will be at the upcoming Quality Show October 24-26th 2017 in Rosemont, IL at booth #517 where you can stop by and see this in complete operation. To learn more about our 3D Scanners and inspectors, visit our website today and see how they can improve your process.

Here at 3D Digital, we specialize in automation and customization. Our 3D Scanners are able to capture complex objects with one simple touch of a button. This automated process takes place in just a few short minutes. It is programmed to have a certain number of motions based on the angles. The robotic arm takes scans at various positions. Then it automatically aligns the image and continuation is a complete, accurate representation of the 3D object being scanned. After completion of the scan, the scan model is then automatically compared to the CAD model and an inspection report is generated. Watch the robotic arm demonstrate its ease and control of motion.


AuSIS Robot Inspector Video

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