3d Laser Scanning3D laser scanning is a complex process of 3D laser imaging, or taking a 3 dimensional object and digitally interpreting it. This technology can be used in a number of practical applications. Essentially, 3D laser scanning allows users to take an object and recreate it digitally so that other manipulations can be made. Again, the practical applications are limitless. The technology is already being used in different fields of health care, such as prosthetics, orthopedics, dentistry and more. It also has civic engineering and construction applications, such as recreating a structure that has been built or creating a record of things that have been built different than planned. The entertainment industry has found applications by creating images that look like actual objects for film and video game production. When a company wants to understand an unknown product, 3d laser scanning can help create a workable digital image for manipulation. The technology is even finding applications when it comes to museums, archeology and historical documentation.

Manufacturing with 3d Laser Scanning Technology

Manufacturing companies have been finding more ways to utilize and use a 3D laser scanner. Every step of manufacturing a new product can find aid in 3D imaging. Trying to start with a physical model for the creation of a new product or modification of an existing product just got easier.

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