3D Laser Scanners3D laser scanners are used to create digital models of actual 3D objects. They are able to do this through triangulation between a scanner lens, a laser, and the object of which the 3D model is being obtained. Industries today using 3D laser scanners could include the entertainment industry in the creation of films and video game graphics. Other uses of 3D laser scanning technology can be in the field of prosthetics, or when a company is trying to complete reverse engineering of a product, or even during the analysis and documentation of artifacts or items of historical significance.

3D Scanning Precision

With amazing accuracy, 3D laser scanners are able to interpret the size and shape of a multitude of objects.There are a number of factors which contribute to the processing of information by a scanner, including the way the information is coordinated or organized, the resulting resolution once an image has been gathered, the accuracy to which an object is being copied, the point density which analyzes dimensions in relation to one another, depth of the field and the field of view, which both determine whether size and distance will be an issue when scanning.

Variety of 3D Laser Scanners

Depending upon the use, different scanners with different characteristics may be appropriate. 3D Digital has over 50 years of combined experience in the 3D scanning industry and can help any user find the right product to fit their specific project. Allow 3D Digital to customize a scanner to your type of use. Every application will be slightly different – you will want a company that has the experience dealing with the technology to provide you with a quality scanner that will satisfy your needs completely. Due to the quality of the scanners produced, the accompanying software, the outstanding customer service and support, as well as unbeatable prices, 3D Digital Corporation is the source for 3D laser scanners.