3D Digital’s software outputs pmjx, ascii, pmh, obj, and stl files. The pmjx and ascii files are point clouds while obj, pmh, and stl are triangulated point clouds where three points are lined together to create a face or surface. The pmh files are specific to our merging and aligning software. After scanning the object the data is processed with the software SLIM 3D by 3D-Shape. The close cooperation of sensor, 3D Digital, and software developer, 3D-Shape, ensures that all information acquired by the 3d laser scanners is evaluated. Thus, the resulting 3D models are much more accurate than those generated by software that was developed independently from the hardware. In addition to this the data, processing is optimized to its highest possible standard due to the high quality scanner as well as to the individually optimized software. SLIM merges and aligns scans together based on common feature recognition between scans and then registers the scans globally as one 3D model. It also smoothes, fills holes, and refines the scans to give a clear final model. The resulting high-quality 3D digital models are then easily exported into popular 3D software formats and edited and manipulated using 3rd party application software.

In addition to using our scanner software and SLIM (3D-Shape Gmbh) to manage the data one can also import the fore mentioned file formats into different 3D modeling programs such as Solidworks, PolyWorks (InnovMetric), Geomegic Studio (Raindrop), Leios Studio and Leios Mesh, and RapidForm (INUS) to name a few in order to manipulate, build from, create assemblies, set cutting planes for cross-section profiles, height coded false color displays, measure or simply view each data sets.

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