3d Laser ScannerA 3D laser scaner is used to create a digital 3-dimensional image from a real object. This ability has numerous applications in countless fields. Archivists use a 3D laser scanner to preserve priceless artwork by making 3D images of sculptures and other artifacts. Doctors use 3D laser scanners for many purposes, from imaging a tumor during surgery to creating a prosthetic limb for a patient. Automotive technicians use 3D laser scaner for taking images of small parts that need repaired or re-designed.

The industry of 3D laser scaner technology has taken off and many companies have gotten on board. This means that there is a broad range of quality in the 3D scanners that are available. And if your company has a need for a 3D laser scaner, it will also need software to run the scanner. At 3D Digital Corp. our hardware and software are among the best in the industry. And our personnel have over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, so we are well equipped to help you determine the products that best fit your needs, get you set-up and help you with troubleshooting along the way.

Affordable 3d Laser Scaners

Our Optix scanners are light-weight for more compact packaging and offer 4x the resolution of previous models. Our current models also feature interchangeable heads so that one scanner can do the job of many. Our Optix scanners are tripod mountable and come with a USB plug for easy interaction with Windows® computers. For ease of use we offer Escan® software with our 3d laser scanners, which provides the same functionality as high-end software that would cost nearly $50,000, but at a fraction of the cost at less than $8,000.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration of our award-winning 3D laser scanner line-up and software, contact us today online or by telephone.