3d-face-scanners3D Digital Corp. has a variety of 3d laser scanners that are high quality and competitively priced. We pride ourselves in what we do and have developed custom software that allows for simple use and dynamic features. One of the favorite things to do by all of our customers is to take use the 3d scanner as a 3d face scanner. Everyone remembers making molds from plaster of paris as a child, those days have come and gone and the 3d face scanner now can take a face scan  that can be used with CAD programs to create an exact duplicate of the contour of your face.

Advancements With 3d Face Scanners

In the 1800’s and even into the 1900’s when someone would die the tradition was to make a death mask, this would then be used to replicate what the person looked like and make sculptures or bust sculpts of the deceased. The 3d face scanner has filled the gap of this eerie practice and now people can be remembered in 3d or it they want to have a sculpture made a CAD program can carve it with precise accuracy. Some practical uses of a 3d face scanner can apply to forensic sciences and the identification of unknown persons. A scan of a face can offer insight into a crime investigation for years to come.

Although a 3d face scanner is a neat thing 3d scanners were developed for engineering purposes and have proved their value time and time again. Many of our customers report that they make enough money on the first job to pay for the cost of the scanner. Reverse engineering a part with precision has become a simple process with 3d laser scanners. Contact 3D Digital Corp. for more information about 3d scanner models and pricing.