3d Digitizing3d digitizing has never been so easy than with a 3d scanner from 3d Digital. Our 3d scanners are high tech devices that accurately scan and capture the surface of objects and provide real 3D data back to the user for use in many different scenarios such as automotive uses to research. Our customers include the United States Department of Defense, forensic departments, podiatrists, animation studios, dental and medical offices, museums, electronics manufacturers, automotive, aerospace, research universities and many more.

Professional Fields That Use 3D Digitization Technology

3d digitization has become very useful in these different industries. For exmample, the medical field uses 3d digitizers to take 3D images of tumors, prosthetics, and brain and organ imagery during surgical procedures. Industrial uses include 3d laser scanning to 3d digitize tools and dyes, reverse engineering, inspection of parts and rapid prototyping. A 3d digitizer can be used in Dental applications for denture and mouth guard design and 3d digitizing mouth casts. Artists and museums use our 3d scanner solutions for replication and archiving of valuable artifacts and artwork. 3d digitization has many different uses.

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