3D DigitizersAt 3D Digital Corp we offer a full line of 3D digitizers at prices that you may not believe at first! There are many reasons why we can offer our advanced technology at such drastic price drops. One of those reasons is because we simply believe that it’s getting harder and harder for business owners today to get ahead. We would like to help alleviate some of that stress and provide a scanning device that doesn’t break the bank and will fit within your budget. Another reason is because we have worked to refine this 3D scanning technology and now how built our Optix line of scanners in such a way that we are able to pass on maximum savings to you. Even business owners with the tightest budget can usually find room for one of our 3D digitizers.

Professional 3D Digitizers and Software

Learning to use the tools you have at hand is great, but often times there is something better. In the cas of purchasing a 3D scanner for your business it can often turn things around so much that you begin to save money and the 3D digitizer begins to pay for itself within a matter of a few short weeks. Thanks to 3D Digital Corp there are many different models of Optix 3D digitizing scanner now available for various industries. We are currently working with some of the top companies in the country who have come to us to explore the world of 3D scanning and how it can benefit their business model.

You too can be added to that long list of companies and experience what they others are calling a revolution in the technology. Experience our 3D scanners in action by speaking with us about viewing a live demo. The demo will help you understand 3D digitizers and how they are used in your specific application.