3D Digital Corp has a wide range of 3D digital scanner solutions, we are sure we will have the perfect 3D scanner to fit your 3D scanning needs. Among our top 3D digital scanner selections, we have the eScan and Optix 400 line of scanners to choose from, and even the option for a custom built 3D digital scanner that would be customized for your specific and unique needs.

The Optix 400 series is the latest 3d Digital Scanner by 3D Digital Corporation with a current update that allows interchangeable heads, where one base may allow the use of various heads. They provide compact, lightweight, and tripod mountable scanning with USB plug and play ease for Windows computers. The Optix 3D digital scanners have the option of connecting an external digital camera in order to provide extremely high quality color texture information. This color option is available for all of the Optix 3d digital scanners, with the exception of the Optix 400S model.

Optix 3D Digital Scanner Highlights

3d digital scanner

  • Retrofitting, modification
  • New product design using existing physical model as a basis
  • Tooling from physical model
  • Verifying the geometry of manufactured parts, which is an essential part of modern quality assurance and process control methods
  • Pattern regeneration
  • Rapid prototyping

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