3d-dental-scanThe dental industry has come a long way and has benefitted greatly from the technological advances of the last century. One of the major technological advances is the use of a 3d dental scanner. Before 3d dental scanners dentists would have to take molds of peoples teeth in order to make a crown, cap or dentures. With a 3d dental scanner this is no longer the case. The 3d dental scanner is not only faster but more importantly more accurate which allows for more precision and results in happier patients.

3d Dental Scanners in Use

Since 3d dental scanners were initially used in practice the technology has progressed drastically, as everything does with technology. 3D Digital Corp is on the leading front of what 3D scanners are capable of doing. 3D Digital Corp. has many models of 3d scanners to choose from beginning at a fraction of the cost of competitors. With the portable capability of our escan scanner taking 3d digital scans in a lab environment is a thing of the past. The portable 3d scanner has been used by some of the best engineers to replicate and produce precise parts. The statue of David was scanned by a 3d laser scanner and with technology we can now replicate nearly any object.

With positive feedback from all of our customers we are confident that we have a scanner to fit almost any application. Our custom software allows for much more sophisticated scans that other 3d laser scanners are not capable of doing. 3d scanners make duplicating or reverse engineering an object simple. Whatever your scanner needs 3D Digital Corp. has a solution for you. The next time you are at the dentist you will need to ask about 3d scanners and see if they are aware of the cutting edge technology.