3d body scans3D body scans are important for a number of reasons. Using a 3D scanner for research purposes to scan the body is an important element in many studies. Whether it’s for medical purposes, research, or academic there is always a need for high quality 3D scanning devices and that is where we come in here at 3D Digital Corp. Our three dimensional portable desktop scanners have come a long way when compared to only ten years ago and we are proud of the new line of Optix 3D scanners that we have recently introduced. In this article we will be going over the many uses of 3D scanners and how 3D body scans are just one of the many uses that new portable devices can be used for.

3D Body Scans for Various Purposes

Working with universities has given us an advantage over other 3D scanner companies since we get to discover the many fields that students plan on using out scanners in once they either start their own businesses or begin work for an employer. Knowing what specifications to use on a 3D scanner for each industry is important. Luckily our Optix line is geared toward specific industries depending on which model you choose and there’s even one great for 3D body scans. The medical field will appreciate this immensely since there is much research performed on the body and scanning it into a digital format to be viewed on a personal computer is a crucial step in the process.

Contact us today to view a demo of a 3D body scanner in action. You can see the exact process used to place an object or personal and begin the scan. The hardware itself is fairly simple to operate and you’ll be pleased with what can be accomplished if you simply try 3D body scans with one of our devices.