3d body scannerOne of the most famous uses of a 3d body scanner was the scanning of the statue of David made by Michelangelo. There has been much effort to preserve these timeless and historically valuable pieces of art. Using a 3d body scanner we are now able to replicate or replace almost any statue that we have a 3d scan for. 3D Digital Corp. has multiple 3d scanners that are designed for a variety of uses. With portable 3d scanner models and laptops it makes using  and implementing this amazing technology so easy. Our customers have used 3d scanners for almost every task that you can imagine.

3d Body Scanner Used in  Movie Making

With the cinema industry always on the cutting edge of implementing the newest and latest technology in movies, they have started to use 3d body scanners to give realistic affects that were not possible before. From the release of Toy Story in the late 90’s the movie industry has been releasing movies that have continued to develop the use of computers and technology in movies. The recent blockbuster hit Avatar used a 3d body scanner 3 extensively to produce the lifelike effect of being on another planet. The technology of a 3d body scanner can be used not only in the movie industry but it has been used to in the medical industry, specifically the plastic surgery field. If a picture can say a thousand words a 3d image can say more.

3d body scanners were a benefit of the development of 3d laser scanners that were developed for the engineering industry. 3d scanners have allowed for precise reproduction of delicate parts and are used in the military for multiple uses. 3D Digital Corp. is proud to be one of the industry leaders of a developing and growing market. Contact 3D Digital Corp. for more information about 3d scanner models and pricing.